Sheep rug WB 001
Sheep rug WB 001
Sheep rug WB 001
Sheep rug WB 001

Sheep rug WB 001

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This beautiful piece of not so common colour combination for Pramenka sheep breed makes it unique and very special. 

Usually Pramenka breed is of off-white colour and only sometimes luckily we can get shades of brown to spice up the design.

Just like all the rugs we sell this one is also eco-friendly and animal-friendly. Sheep fleece taken only to be dry felted at the back to keep the rug in place. 

The size is: 1,00 x 0,50m app.

The size is measured at the back not counting the hair length, making the rug even longer when measured with the locks.

Weight: 1,20kg

NOTE to the customer: It is natural for some hair to be shed as a result of friction and does not constitute a defect in a product. All wool can pill with friction to some extent.

CARE: to maintain the look, it is important to handle the product with care. It is allowed to be washed with hands only in warm water up to 30°C and left to dry vertically over something like a laundry cord so all the water can drain out completely on its own. No mechanical or forceful squeezing is allowed.

Your home is your oasis—a place you like to come back to but also a place where you feel safe and healthy. For a healthy lifestyle in a modern home, a few essentials are required: sustainable materials such as wool and an eco-friendly environment to sustain organic living. If you are looking for all that in an elegant yet playful design, then look no more. We have woolly puzzle-shaped rugs made in Croatia with wool sourced from around Plitvice Lakes.