About us

We are family business based on manual production of fine art pieces made of 100% organic wool.

We've started exploring with wool some 5 years ago and it took us all this time to playfully learn about beauty of the wool and how it can be used to create wonderful items for home.

Our main line of produce are sheep rugs and felted carpets. We like to create them in a way they can pose as art pieces so to be equally interesting as hanged on a wall or displayed on a floor.

All the tools that we use are in-house made for the purpose of creation inspired by the requirements of the process of making.

We are in love with wool, its texture and its amazing character to be transformed into almost anything we can think of.

We do not make our work in quantities. Each product we make is one of a kind so there are no two alike.  Buying one is guarantee you have acquired an original for yourself.

All of our pieces are being made by hand and hand tools only which makes them unique in shape and size so there is no perfect shape for us, or in other words all the shapes are perfect. 

Imperfect perfection...




VRTLOG IDEJA, obrt za trgovinu, posredovanje i dizajn


Zagrebačka 15, Lupoglav, Brckovljani, Republika Hrvatska

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