Our products




Our main product types are felted carpets and sheep rugs but we occasionally flirt with other decorative home items.

All items are unique in shape and design. Given the fact that they are made by hands with hand tools only none of them is perfect in shape, as definition of perfect would expect it.

Round is never perfectly round, oval is never fully oval, same goes for any other shape. 

We love to play with uneven or, better said, shapes and sizes that are un-looked for just so we can get playful results. All of our rugs and carpets are equally interesting as rugs or decorative wall pieces, that's why we call them art rugs, leaving it to a customer to decide whether to hang them on a wall or put them on a floor.

It is very important to stress out that all our products are animal friendly. Not a single animal was hurt so we could make our art. All sheep are safe and sound still living on their meadows, growing fleece for another season of shearing.

Wool that we use for our pieces is eco-friendly, meaning no chemicals are used in a process of making, only washed in a warm water using mild soap and then left out to dry in the wind.

Our staple color of wool is natural off-white with occasional shades of grey and brown. Even though we love natural colors we also love vivid expressions so for that purpose we like to play chemist and make trials and errors trying to cultivate a certain color that would suite our taste. Herbs, vegetable, fruit and roots are our main source of chemistry attempts. 

Origin of the wool is from central part of Croatia called Lika, a geographical area know for harsh winters and dry summers, not particularly easy place to live. It requires a certain strong character and determination to actually inhibit this place. We like to think our sheep are even more valuable for needing to live and grow wool in this area.

We would like to stress out that our wool is not particularly soft so if you ask for softness of cashmere pullover or merino blanket, our wool is not it. The less soft character of our wool is a reflection of an inhospitable region that it belongs to but again perfect for making felted carpets as they become so compact and warm that your bare feet would be happy to walking on it.

After shearing wool is being packed in bags unprocessed in any way  just full of dirt and local flora so occasionally, even in a finished pieces you might find remains of sheep "presents" secluded in mat or locks of sheep fleece. In other words you may run into dry flower, broken twig or even a thorn. Just pick it or leave it, as you wish.

All this being said, we would like to emphasize that our art is imperfectly perfect and we are proud of it because ...imperfect is beautiful.