Grey puzzle
Grey puzzle
Grey puzzle
Grey puzzle

Grey puzzle

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Having wool in a natural shade of gray is pretty rare around here, so this beauty is a real treat.

Yes, we could dye the wool to get more diversity, but we like to cover our basics first and offer only natural undyed colors before we master dyeing with natural colors, which takes time, numerous trials, and a lot of learning.

Grey is a natural shade next to brown and, of course, off-white, and in our experience, natural is always the most beautiful.

This particular piece is the product of a diligent and patient collection of gray locks from different fleeces until we got enough (roughly 2kg) to make the rug.

Enjoy this unique item in the shape of a puzzle and give it a special place in your home.

Size: 1x1m

Weight: 2kg

If you are all about eco-friendly living and a modern home at the same time, then sustainable materials like wool are your go-to source.
Nowadays, more often than not, we are returning to our roots. In a world polluted with too much plastic, we want something natural, long-lasting, and healthy for us and our Planet.
Organic living equals healthy living, so why not do something good for your home with these unique woolly shapes for your floor or wall, made in Croatia with wool sourced from the area around Plitvice Lakes.