Sheep rug ZZ001
Sheep rug ZZ001
Sheep rug ZZ001
Sheep rug ZZ001

Sheep rug ZZ001

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Perfectly balanced, beautiful natural scale of brownish tones make this rug specially beautiful. Nature really does know how to pick right dose of each colour and make it into a harmonized final result. 

As mentioned before, since the process of shearing taken by our provider of wool, is not neat we hardly ever get fleece in one piece, even getting it in 2 piece would be a big achievement. More often than not we get it in many pieces and try to combine it best way we can. In this particular piece final look reminds of a zig-zag design. And although neat shearing would never produce this particular design, somehow we love it just the way it turned out, imperfectly perfect. The best way possible.

Dimensions: 1,25 x 0,90m

Weight: 1,25kg

NOTE: all products from our small business are eco and animal-friendly, in other words no sheep was harmed and no chemicals were used in any step of the process leading to a final product. Wool used in all of our designs are saved from being a waste in nature. By purchasing any of our design you are contributing to a sustainabile life and motivating us to continue helping small farmers dealing with wool as a waste.


NOTE to a customer: To maintain quality look of a product handling it with care is strictly advised. Hand-washing your rug in a water temperature up to 30°C is fine. Rolling it gently to squeeze out extra water is good way of preparing it for drying. Hanging it over a cord vertically would be best choice so all the water can come out on itsown.

Since our products are made of wool and all wool pil to a certain extent as a result of a friction it does not constitute  defect. For that reason some loss of hair in a rug is normal and expected.

Healthy living is all about caring about what you eat, wear, and surround yourself with. Home should be your health-caring oasis among others, so in order to achieve that first step toward a healthier life, choose eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Organic living is supported by choosing wool as your material of choice, and if you are worried about the design being timeless and fitting to your modern home, we've got you covered here as well.
These woolly puzzle-shaped rugs from Croatia are all about design and quality.
And if you like Plitvice Lakes, then you'll be happy to know the wool is sourced from the area of the famous waterfalls.