Treat braid
Treat braid
Treat braid
Treat braid

Treat braid

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This small size treat is a pure joy for the eyes. A mixture of colors is a balance of Nature's tranquility and Life's vibrant expression.

We see it next to your bed, but it will perfectly fit into any corner of your home and make it even cozier.

Technique: waved

Material: wool

Colour: natur + dyed 

Size: 0,72m x 0,65m

Weight: 1,40kg

If you are in a search for home items to support eco-friendly and organic living but again love your new purchases to be all-time designs to suit your modern home, then search no more.
These woolly puzzles are the perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle. They are made out of sustainable material sourced from the Plitvice Lakes area of Croatia.