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In a world of fast-paced living, fast production, and fast everything, we are more and more in search of peace, quiet, slowing down, and an organic life.

Our production is the complete opposite of fast. Even if we wanted to hurry the process, we just couldn't. It takes time to prepare the wool, from deep washing it, hand picking it, and fine carding it to finally felting the rug. It takes such a long time that we simply cannot measure our work in units of time, but we do know it takes a lot of care and dedication to create one piece from beginning to end.

We take pride in our work with wool, which is more and more replaced by plastic alternatives each day, but we keep our hopes high that the future is woolly, so we keep on going, creating and enjoying every minute spent processing this beautiful sustainable material.

Another beautiful thing is that we source our wool from an indigenous breed of sheep called Pramenka, specifically from the area of Croatia known for its famous waterfalls, the Plitvice Lakes.

In our entire process, we take care of eco- and animal-friendly principles as well as contemporary all-time design and coziness so that any modern home in search of a special piece can find their item.